Why Writing a Technical Blog will Advance Your Career

And how to select topics to write about

Alexandra Amidon
3 min readDec 27, 2021
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Communication is a critical skill for data scientists, programmers, and anyone in a technical role. Projects are started (and terminated) based on both the merit of an idea, progress, and how well key stakeholders understand it.

People who can explain what they are doing and why are more likely to advance to a new role and be promoted.

Indeed, wherever you are in your career, you should be able to explain to stakeholders (like your manager) what you’re coding and why. This is especially important if they don’t know much about your technical work.

Writing a technical blog improves your communication skills. We all know that practice makes perfect — this is especially true for communication.

Writing forces you to formulate ideas with clarity and conciseness. As you explain technical concepts, you end up understanding them more deeply.

A blog can showcase your knowledge and expertise. A blog can serve as an accessible companion to a LinkedIn page, resume, and GitHub portfolio. It can also give you visibility amongst colleagues and your professional network because each new blog post is another…



Alexandra Amidon

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